Totli I The Ball Drop


Discover the Totli Ball Drop, a Montessori classic designed to foster babies understanding of the world and how things work.

This developmental toy is a delightful way to boost hand-eye coordination, and introduce the fundamental concept of object permanence, the understanding that objects continue to exist even when we can’t see them.

As babies master the art of grasping and releasing, they delight in the purposeful action of dropping the ball into the hole, a skill that evolves throughout their first year. With awe and wonder, they watch as the ball disappears, only to reappear and roll back into view.

This engaging activity boosts their visual tracking skills and sparks curiosity. Crafted with safe, sustainable, and durable materials, this toy includes one box and two balls. The Totli Ball Drop is a fun, exciting, and hands-on way to explore continuity and predictability and key aspects of cognitive development.

Product Details:

Age: 7+ Months

Dimensions: 29.5cm x 12cm x 15cm