Sensory Sensations I Fidget Blanket


The Sensory Sensations Fidget Blanket is a great therapeutic resource for all ages. The design of the fidget blanket is similar to a busy board, as each part of the sensory blanket has a unique and interesting texture than can assist in relieving stress, anxiety, boredom or can be used to fidget with.

It is particularly useful for dementia, Alzheimer’s and autism. Designed to stimulate brain activity, the unique textures and designs fabrics, colours, shapes and patterns are sure to grab attention and create strong visual impact for the user.

Keeps people busy for hours as they touch and feel the zippers, beads, sequins, buckles, ribbons, buttons, shoelace and pocket. The accessories help to strengthen and restore patients’ memory, making it an ideal therapy toy for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

The fidget blanket is made from premium quality, durable materials designed to withstand constant handling by patients; it can be easily folded into a smaller size that can be packed away, making it very portable, light and easy to carry to any location.   

Product Dimensions:


Brand: Sensory Sensations

Dimensions: 60cm x 30cm when open.