Sarah’s Silks I Mini Skytails - Rainbow


Throw it! Catch it! Spin it! Skytails are "bonkless" rubber balls (soft batting & covered in silk) that are easy to throw by the tail and don't hurt when you get hit by them. Bounces along the ground a few times for more catching chances. 

Mini Skytails make for excellent party favors and their petite size makes them easy to pack for outdoor fun on the go!

  • Open-ended play with Skytails allows children to express their imagination and supports their independence.
  • *Nourishing the senses with Skytails adds movement into the play of the child, developing their coordination, proprioception, and gross motor skills.

The Rainbow Comet Mini Skytail is a red stuffed ball with a rainbow silk tail.  Filled with all new polyester stuffing. Choking Hazard - This toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Sarah's Silks