Castle and Kite | Magic Paint Scroll


Where creativity meets magic on a self drying, reusable canvas.

Mess-free fun! This cloth calligraphy scroll is 150cm long and is so fun for kids to 'paint'. No paint needed, ONLY water! Use a paintbrush, or your finger, to draw, create or doodle away! As the material of this magic water canvas dry's and returns to its natural colour, your little one can reuse for mess free fun. So easy to set up and pack away. It is long enough for several children to use all at the same time. 

Ways to use the Magic Water Scroll:

  • paintbrush and water
  • dip fingers in water and paint
  • Put the scroll on the wall and splatter it with water using a paintbrush 
  • squirt water from a water pistol at the scroll
  • use sponges in different shapes dipped in water and dabbed on the scroll
  • Letter formation
  • games like noughts and crosses
  • tracing around a sibling or friends body or hand

With hard scroll ends, the lightweight canvas can be conveniently rolled up and stored. 

Your kids will love this aqua doodle drawing mat!

Ages 3+

Size: 150cmx45cm when unrolled

Product Details
Age: 18m+
Brand; Castle and Kite
Dimensions: 150cm x 45cm