Qtoys | Natural Eggs with Tray


Introducing the Qtoys enchanting natural eggs tray set of 9 – a perfect blend of whimsy and playfulness for Easter festivities! Delight in the magic of imaginative play as little ones explore this set featuring lifelike, natural-looking eggs nestled in a charming tray.

Crafted for endless creative possibilities, these eggs are not just a delightful addition to play kitchens but also an ideal companion for an egg hunt adventure. With Easter just around the corner, create unforgettable moments as children embark on a joyous quest to discover these nature-inspired treasures.  Beyond the joy of pretend kitchens and Easter egg hunts, this set doubles as a fantastic counting experience. Watch as children not only explore their creativity but also enhance their numerical skills by counting each captivating egg. Let the excitement unfold with this delightful set, where play and festivities seamlessly come together!

*This set includes 9 eggs with 1 tray.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Qtoys