Prepp'd Kids I Chore Chart Set (A4)


Finally a modern Chore Chart!!

  • Allocate age-appropriate chores or allow your child to participate in the process and choose their own.
  • Place chore magnets in the 'To Do' section and support your child to move them across to 'Done' on completion of their chore/s.

Use the chore chart to encourage age-appropriate participation in household chores/routines, develop your child's sense of responsibility, work ethic and important life skills! - Refer back to the chart throughout the week to engage, prompt or remind your child/ren of their responsibilities.

Provide plenty of encouragement and positive reinforcement when chores are initiated or completed, to provide your child with a sense of accomplishment.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Prepp'd Kids 
Dimensions: A4