Mikro I Wooden Sensory Tray


Mikro's Sensory Tray has been designed with physical and cognitive development in mind!

Made from beautifully hand crafted beech wood, our tray is the perfect foundation for sensory play. Easy to set up, store and clean up!

Let your child’s imagination run wild! Incorporate rocks, water beads, kinetic sand, sticks or animal figurines-the opportunities are endless.

Mikro's Sensory Tray gives you the flexibility of setting up an invitation to play, that does not need to be ‘packed away’. Often children see pack away time as a dismissal of their hard work. The tray incorporates four compartments and a lid that interlock seamlessly, meaning it can be tidied, but not dismantled and ready for use on the next play occasion. 

Stimulating your child’s imagination, evoking creativity and enhancing oral language are all key benefits to sensory play and fundamental building blocks for learning.

The Sensory tray is fantastic for small world play, craft, messy play, fine motor development and more!

Product Details:

Age: 12m +

Brand: Mikro


Large Tray: 40cm diameter, 7.5cm deep

Lid: 40cm diameter, 2cm deep

2x medium compartments: 18 x 18 x 6cm 
2x large compartments: 18 x 31 x 6 cm