bbcino | Babycino Cup - Oasis 240ml


The ‘Oasis’ BambinoCino reusable cup is perfect for older little babes! They’re double the size of the BBcino original cups (120ml), which makes them perfect  for our older little bambino’s (250ml). 

Ideal for little ones who have outgrown their BBcino cup, demand constant refills, and want to have a matchy-matchy moment with their little siblings. 

The BambinoCino cups are perfect for hot chocolates, smoothies, milkshakes, juices or XL babycino's! Also perfect for parents who enjoy a midi sized coffee! 

Each BambinoCino cup comes with its own reusable silicone straw, ensuring less mess and spillage, which means… LESS TANTRUMS!

All cups are all made from bamboo and are biodegradable. All cups are BPA and PVC free. Dishwasher safe but NOT microwave safe.

Product Details
Age: 12m+
Brand: bbcino
Dimensions: 240ml
Weight: 100g