Zart Art - Easter Egg Baubles


These plastic clear eggs are a handy two-piece design, which makes them very easy to fill and decorate.

The plastic outer shell can be decorated with permanent pens and markers, alcohol inks, shimmer glass paint and glitter glue. Beads, jewels, modelling foam and Magiclay can also be added to its surface. TIP: Place egg halves flat side down to make the shell easier to decorate.

Each egg also includes two egg-shaped inserts made from sturdy 250gsm white card. These can be decorated then inserted into the centre of the egg before closure.

Plastic Clear Eggs can be filled with trinkets, glitter and modelled creations. They can be used as a Christmas or Easter ornament, a hanging diorama, time capsule or keepsake.

Egg Size: Height 80mm X Width 55mm.
This pack includes 5 eggs, and 10 egg-shaped card inserts.

Age: 3 years+