Wild Mountain Child | Pop & Crumble - Ginger Fizzmas Folk


Perfect for creating seasonal invitations of sensory play leading up to and on Christmas Day

This Fizz smells just like a plate of fresh gingerbread cookies. Warm and golden like everything wonderful coming fresh from the oven at  Christmas time. This Fizz is filled with chunky gold bio glitter, gold leaf, cinnamon bark and star anise spices. This fragrant naturally made Pop & Crumble PlayFizz is a fun way to bring a little bit of the Christmas joy into your child’s sensory play. 

what’s included;  
3 PlayFizz pops
10 Fizzmas Stars
A generous scoop of fizzy crumble
Real dried flowers  

Just add water to activate the natural fizz and see what is revealed. You can pour water over it, or drop it into a bowl or cup of water and watch it fizz and bubble. Then when it's finished fizzing you can discover and collect the treasures hidden inside.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Wild Mountain Child