Wild Mountain Child | Flower Fairy Egg Set of 2


Somewhere in your garden the Fae has lost something very important to them. 

Can you help them find it? Their Flower Fairy Egg is the most precious ingredient in the fae pantry. They need it for baking, making magic fairy soup, cakes, potions and magic this Easter.

The blue flowers in the fizzy water have a surprise. Use a sprinkle of fairy dust on the flowers to find out what it is. These flowers are called Blue Mallow Flowers and they can change colour with the special fairy dust included (or a squeeze of lemon juice).

This a mild change so make sure to keep watching closely so you don't miss it.


A 100% natural way to add a little surprise and wonder into your child’s outdoor or indoor sensory playtime. Just add water to activate the natural fizz and wait to see what hidden surprises are revealed.

Includes: 2x Small Flower Fairy Eggs

Made from completely natural and where possible organic ingredients, no toxic chemicals, colours or scary numbers. It is coloured with organic vegetable powders and contains essential oils. 

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Wild Mountain Child