The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls - Leap of Faith


Can talented showjumper Chloe face her fears and make the impossible possible at the Academy?

Turning down her place at The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls was one of the hardest things Chloe Humphries has ever had to do, but her parents’ financial situation meant she had no choice. Weeks later, Chloe is still devastated. Then, an unexpected letter arrives in the post . . . Chloe has been offered a place at the Academy on a full scholarship! With a nervous and excited heart, Chloe sets off with her much-loved horse Honey.

However, Chloe will be starting a whole term later than her classmates. Competition is fierce and with the showjumping trials looming Chloe struggles to find her place in the Academy.

Can the new girl overcome her fears and find a way to outshine her equestrian rivals?

Format: Paperback Novel
Author: Laura Sieveking
Age: 9+ years

The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls - Leap of Faith is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.