The Carmody Casebooks

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A gripping tale of alien abduction during the Second World War, and the mysterious team sent to investigate.

The Disappearance of Tom Pile

When bright lights are spotted above a tiny village in Dorset, the locals suspect German bombers. Jack Carmody believes otherwise. He is part of a secret government department, set up to explore the supernatural and the unexplained.

Then a boy – Tom Pile – is discovered, alone and scared.

Tom went missing forty years ago

The Miraculous Return of Annick Garel

One year later two French fishermen see strange lights over the channel – and discover the body of a girl, still alive.

Annick Garel drowned in a storm thirty years ago.

Both children have powers that could change the course of the Second World War. Both sides in that war want their secrets

These are two extraordinary stories.

These are the Casebooks of Jack Carmody.


Format: Paperback Novel
Author: Ian Beck
Age: 9+