The Big Red Giving Bag - By Danielle Leigh

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The Big Red Giving Bag is a children's Christmas book, aimed at creating a new family tradition, one that focuses on teaching our children the importance of giving.  Santa has sent the child his/her very own giving bag (sold with book). The story invites children to place their once-loved toys in their Giving Bag. They place their bag under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, and when Santa comes that night, he sees the bag and loads it right onto his sleigh! He takes the toys back to his workshop, fixes them up, and then delivers them to children all over the world! Not only do children get to partake in the magic of giving by joining Santa's team, but parents get to partake in the magic of a de-cluttered playroom!

Book Details
Format: Hardcover with Velvet Sack
Author: Danielle Leigh 
Age: 3+