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Saskia Brookes has always tried her best to do the right thing. So why has she been forgotten? Her rebellious best friend Eliza is drifting away, and her parents are preoccupied with bigger issues than Saskia's loneliness. As it is, her bratty little sister has a better love life than she does - it's just not fair! Saskia, keen to find her purpose, volunteers to help thwart the plans of the impending local New Age (read: evil) festival. It's for a good cause, and it doesn't hurt that her church's charming young pastor is the organiser of the whole undertaking. But unexpected developments show her the highs and lows of human nature, along with the thrill of first love, causing her to re-examine all she holds dear as she stands on the daunting (and often confusing) precipice of adulthood. Will the winds of change tempt her to sway, or prompt her to ramp up her faith and pray?

Format: Paperback Novel
Author: Michelle Ham