SmartMax | Power Vehicles Mix


Magnetic fun with SmartMax! With the 25-piece SmartMax Power Vehicles Max Set you can build a fleet of vehicles... a fire truck, forklift, tow truck, pick-up, van and more. All parts can be combined with other SmartMax sets. Together with the bars and metal balls, kids can create an endless range of possibilities!

Includes: 1 'pull back' magnetic bar with 2 wheels, 1 long blue magnetic bar, 2 short magnetic bars, 1 magnetic ball, 7 wheels in a range of styles, 3 jointed arm attachments, 1 transparent cockpit attachment, 1 ramp attachment, 1 dumper section attachment, 1 scoop attachment, 3 driver cabin attachments in different colours, 1 winch attachment, 1 fork-lift attachment & 1 ladder attachment

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: SmartMax