Sensory Sensations | Twirly Wheeled Timer


The Twirly Wheeled Timer by Sensory Sensations is an entertaining and fun gadget. Watch how the drip of coloured oil flows through this unique 3-section timer. This unique timer has two spinning purple and pink wheels to add interest. As the oil drips down through the timer, the wheels inside begin to spin with it. The timer is both mesmerising to watch as well as soothing.

Liquid timers are a great device to be used for those who experience sensory overload and/or anxiety. The visual stimulation of the predictable, rhythmic and flowing motion of the Twirly Wheeled Timer provides a subtle yet engaging opportunity to refine visual tracking skills.

Warning: These products are made from acrylic plastic. They will not withstand being thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces. They contain mineral oils which may smell strongly if the product breaks. The contents are not toxic and are approved to Australian safety standards, however please under supervision to ensure safe use of the product.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Sensory Sensations
Dimensions: 13cm x 10cm x 4cm
Weight: 190g