Safari - Buttercup Fairy


Adventurous and carefree, even by fairy standards, Buttercup gets the most from life. She loves to fly, and she often accepts long-distance quests so she can stretch her wings and speed through the trees. Her wings are designed purely for speed, not adornment.

  • Characteristics: Buttercup was born when a cheery yellow buttercup flower unfolded to the sun, creating its namesake cup shape. Her strong wings, modeled after butterfly wings, are ideal for long distance travel and bursts of speed.
  • Size and Color: In honor of her special flower, parts of Buttercup’s skirt and tunic are bright yellow. This sunny color gives way to an earthier orange, while her light, strong wings are mostly purple and pink. She stands 4 ½ inches tall with her arms extended, ready to fly.

SKU: SAF875329