Pickwick & Sprout - Oddlings - Set of 7


These beautiful Oddlings have been made exclusively for Pickwick & Sprout by the talented team at Rata & Roo Toys!


A handcrafted set of 7 little friends. 

Crafted here in Melbourne by Rata & Roo Toys from a mix of timbers in various shades. Hand carved and sanded then coloured with non toxic water based stain, finished with jojoba oil.

 The Oddlings and were designed to encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Each Oddling and is different from another making each set completely unique.

There are no instructions or expectations, The Oddlings will be whatever they're imagined to be. 

Pickwick & Sprout - Oddlings - Set of 7 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.