Pickwick & Sprout - Fairy Garden Starter Kit


Ready to bring some fairy magic to your garden or home? Pickwick & Sprout have made it easy! With our Fairy Garden Starter Kit. Everything you need to start creating a little fairy home. This kit includes:

White Pebbles


Vine of Flowers

Glow in the Dark Stones

5 x Wooden Stepping Stones

1 x Large Mushroom

3 x Mini Mushroom

3 x Mini Bees

3 x Mini Ladybugs

3 x Medium Ladybugs

Add to your own fairy collection, or grab some of our fairy goodies here to complete you magical fairy space. 

Please note that the fairy orniments and grass mat included in the above images are for illustration purposes only and are sold seperatly. 

Please always supervise your child while setting up and playing with your Fairy Garden Kit as it includes small parts that are a choking hazard.  


Fairies, as we all know, LOVE a good FAIRY GARDEN. But they also LOVE hiding amongst the trees, bushes, rocks, and pot plants (they’re cheeky like that). So to make sure your FAIRY GARDEN is PRIME fairy real estate, make sure your garden is in a special place, hidden from things like direct sunlight, rain, wind or snow. This will keep your FAIRY GARDEN safe and is great condition. Under a tree, veranda or in a pot plant are all great choices. But we know you’ll find somewhere special and safe for your fairy friends to enjoy the magical world your create. (You’re clever like that).

Age: 3 Years +