Phoebe & Digger

When Mama got a new baby, Phoebe got a new digger. And when Mama is busy with the baby, Phoebe and Digger are busy, too. Finally, Mama says it's time to go to the park, the one with real dirt, where Phoebe and Digger happily build and knock down and dig things up. That is, until a big girl comes by, with mean teeth and grabby hands. Phoebe tries everything she can, but what if she never gets Digger back? Comical illustrations and a spot on story are sure to make readers of all ages smile in recognition.

Touches on important topics - bullying, sibling displacement, playing nice, and non-gendered toys. Bright, fun illustrations and an emotionally resonant story will make this a picture book favorite. Perfect for preschoolers and the storytime crowd.