Papoose - Beach Board Aqua


These boards are truly unique; each board is a different shape and size and each resin pour creates a variation on the look of the waves.

We mainly use boards with small cracks; these are carefully filled and sanded back before they are painted. You will be able to see the filling on the back and possibly on the front. As these boards travel a long way to be here with us, we can not bear to throw away the cracked ones. It is after all a natural characteristic of wood and filling the small cracks makes them more valuable, both in time worked on them and in the fact that we have reclaimed these slices.

We hand paint the boards, then add the resin waves, this is a completely hand done process, and we do it here in our Melbourne studio.

This is a process that can not be controlled, each piece comes out different.

We see this as a feature of the product.

The 'sand banks' (lower areas in the resin pour where the resin has pulled away an created a 'sand-bank/pool' area), are also unique to this process and not to be seen as a fault.

Each piece is lovingly and carefully made and the variations are what make the pieces unique.

The wood may develop small cracks along the edges, as wood is a living material it is prone to 'move' depending on humidity and temperature.

We do not send out boards with cracks, however, they could develop at any time, especially if used in water play.