Olli Ella | Dinkum Dogs - Bones 3pk

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Because one treat is never enough for our mischievously sweet Dinkum Dogs, we’ve made three!

Spoil your beloved Dinkum Dog to bits with a Dinkum Dog Bone Set, but whatever you do, don’t let them bury these three special bones out in the yard!! 

Each Bone is constructed with the magnetic element that allows Dinkum Dog Honey and Dinkum Dog Buddy to hold the Bone in their mouth, so they never miss a delicious surprise.

Embroidered with our signature Dinkum Dog rainbow print, each Bone is sure to provide hours of imaginative play when combined with a furry Dinkum Dog friend.

Product Details
Age: 0+
Brand: Olli Ella
Dimensions: 8cm x 2cm x 3cm
Weight: 300g

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