Nugulab Creations | Splat Slammers


Enjoy some splat-acular fun with Splat Slammers! These squishy putty monsters cased in sticky skin are super stretchy and stick to any flat surface you throw it at. Once you're done throwing it around, give it a satisfying squeeze - it doubles wonderfully as a stress doll. Comes in 1 of 3 random colours: pink, blue or neon green.

Each colour features a different face adding some quirky personality! If you find your Splat Slammer losing its stickiness, simply wash it gently with soap and water, then towel dry to restore to its original condition. Do not leave Splat Slammers on walls or other porous surfaces for extended periods of time - may cause discolouration of the surface.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Nugulab Creations
Dimensions: 10cm x 2cm x 10.5cm