Mythical Slyme - Unicorn Dreams 1.8 oz


What does a unicorn dream of?

Is it growing from a young, gawking foal to a full-grown creature with a family of two mini unicorns of their own? Is it to become the next greatest singing unicorn on YouTube, plucked from obscurity like Justin Bieber? Or does a unicorn find faith in merely living in each magical moment as if it’d be their last, content and at one with the world?

Like smoke trapped inside a glass, this slime lets you see beneath the skin. Play with it, and the color wavers from emerald to grass green with a galaxy wound in between.

Dreams are sweet, young one. Hold tightly to them.

Ethically harvested. 100% authentic. Cures boredom, fidgeting, and other serious ailments.  

Collectible charm included!

1.8oz in Reusable Tin.