My Little Friends in the Mirror


An incredible inteactive board book that allows your babe to be included in the story! Little babes LOVE to play with their reflection, and this book is FULL of opportunites for your cutie to giggle and play with their face, as cute little animal characters.

Mirrors have been shown to be great for a baby's cognitive and physical development, helping them learn about movement, body parts and facial expressions. Babies don't actually recognise their reflection as themselves until around age 2 - so a mirror actually provides a perfect on-demand playmate in the early years and helps them discover a sense of self!

This book has been created by two first time mumma’s and funded by so may WONDERFUL people incluing US Pickwick & Sprout through the platform Pozible! We are so proud to be part of this incredible creation!

Age: 0m +

Format: Board Book

My Little Friends in the Mirror is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.