Koala Dream | Sensory Rainbow Stacker


Explore the Silicone Stacking Rainbow Teether from Koala Dream, a vibrant and engaging toy designed to stimulate sensory exploration and teething relief for little ones. This colourful teether features six stacking rings with delightful shapes and textures, encouraging children to grasp, explore, and feel.

Each ring can be played with individually or stacked together to create a tower, promoting fine motor skills and creative play. Made from BPA free and non toxic food grade silicone, this teether is safe for babies to chew and explore during the teething stage. The varied textures and bright colors of the stacking rings provide tactile and visual stimulation, keeping babies entertained and engaged.

This versatile toy can be used for teething relief, sensory development, and imaginative play, making it a wonderful addition to your child's toy collection. Let your little one discover the joy of stacking and exploring with the Silicone Stacking Rainbow Teether from Koala Dream, a safe and stimulating toy for early development.

Product Details
Age: 0+
Brand: Koala Dream
Dimensions: 9.5cm x 13cm x 9.5cm
Weight: 400g

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