Heebie Jeebies | Growing Crystals


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Don’t mine crystals, grow them at home! These growing crystals come in a variety of colours and require the simple addition of water to make something beautiful you can display at home! Available in a mix of colours so you can collect and make beautiful displays.

While it looks pretty, the crystals grow from the bonding of excess molecules in the power and water solution and takes a few days to complete so you can watch your experiment in progress!

This grow your own crystal kit is the perfect way to watch how crystals grow, observing the process. Simply place the crystal seed in the bottom of a container, mix up your crystal powder with some boiling water and pour it in.

The liquid crystal water will slowly bond to the seed as the excess molecules dehydrate. Over 12-24 hours you will start to see the crystal taking shape. Once it’s grown, remove it from the container, seal with clear nail polish.

Assorted colours, selected randomly.

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Brand: Heebie Jeebies
Age: 5+