Grimms Coral Arch Stacker

The Grimm’s Coral Arch Stacker Blue Cave is a beautiful wooden coral arch stacking toy which is stained in pastel colours.  It is a really versatile toy that can be played with in various ways as your children grow. Tiny tots will enjoy stacking the seven pieces on top of each other but will go on to make underwater worlds, dolls’ houses, animal pens, train and car tunnels from them, as well as combining them with other blocks to make fantastic structures. This is a great wooden toy and playing with it will help to develop your child’s motor skills, spatial thinking and problem-solving abilities.
The seven solid pieces are made from sustainable FSC wood and finished with child-friendly, non-toxic, water-based stain in pastel colours – a natural finish that allows the beautiful grain of the wood to shine through.
The coral arch is 16cm tall and 20cm wide.
Age: 0m +