Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life - By DK


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Travel through time from the beginning of life on Earth and marvel at more than 90 amazing plants and animals along the way with this stunning book about dinosaurs and prehistoric life.

From Tyrannosaurus and sabre-toothed cats, to ferns and woolly mammoths, every page will captivate young readers as they travel through the history of the Earth.

This collection of amazing dinosaurs, plants, and other prehistoric life will wow children and many adults, too. Showcasing more than 90 remarkable fossils, such as a fearsome Tyrannosaurus skull, delicate fern leaf, and perfectly preserved woolly mammoth, everyone will find something to be captivated by. Each plant or animal is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images.

Book Details
Format: Hardcover
Author: DK
Pages: 224
Age: 7+