Zepher's Nest - Season Display Tray Box


The box is made from lovely solid timber, with ply base and lid. It is partitioned into three sections and has a groove cut to hold the lid upright on display. The box comes with two lids, each engraved on both sides for one season to each side. At home we’ve used this to peg info cards, photos, word cards etc. while exploring an idea through small world and dry sensory play. Then if it’s something that’s a bit messy but we might come back to in the coming days, I just slide the lid on and no need to pack up and set up again! 

As the box is handmade from natural materials, each is unique and varies in colour and grain. This can include knots in the grain and is not something we see as a defect, but as a testament to the beauty and variety found in nature. 

W240 x H240 x D45mm

Age: 3 Years +

Zepher's Nest - Season Display Tray Box is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.