Battle Mum - By Zoë Foster Blake


A hilarious new story from Zoe Foster Blake that celebrates children's love of play fighting and acting out imaginary battles, except this time it's Mum who wants to play and she never wants to stop!

Ana and Louis are tired after a long day at school and kinder. They just want to watch TV . . . but Mum wants to play battle! She has a whole bunch of new moves to try out and there's simply no stopping her.
'Just FIVE minutes!' pleads Mum. 'Pleasepleaseplease?'
So the kids drag themselves off the couch. Mum PROMISES not to be too rough and that there will be absolutely NO TICKLING.
So Ana and Louis prepare to take on Battle Mum! Hopefully they can complete the game before Dad gets home . . . and wants to play too!

Book Details
Format: Hardback
Author: Zoë Foster Blake
Pages: 32
Age: 3+