Ark and Luna - Blooms for Bees


For little (and big!) bee and flower lovers alike! Each seed pack includes three individually sealed seed varieties – between them they can be planted year round!

Each variety of flower has been selected to bring a diverse colour combination to your garden as well as nourish our key pollinators. Inviting bees into your garden creates a beautiful learning opportunity for your children and gardening is a practice that nourishes emotional wellbeing.

Each seed pack measures 7cm x 12cm and includes;

– Brachycome / Swan River Daisy (approx. 600 seeds)

– Livingstone Daisy (approx. 500 seeds)

– Californian Poppy (approx.125 seeds)

The Ark and Luna seed packets meet quarantine requirements and can be sent Australia-wide, however they cannot be sent internationally.

Age: 3 Years +