A Perfect Hollow: A Great Glider Story - By Cate Storey


The Australian bush is brought to life through this beautiful picture book, written by Cate Storey and illustrated by Sarah Matsuda. Greater Gliders are uniquely Australian, gum-leaf-eating, fluffy, gliding marsupials that live in hollows in tall eucalypt trees. This fun, rhyming story follows one Greater Glider’s search for the perfect hollow, with some scary, hairy and amusing adventures along the way.

While light-hearted and fun, The Perfect Hollow: A Greater Glider Story, is also gently educational, introducing children to the importance of quality habitat and tree hollow homes. The endangered Greater Glider is just one of over one hundred Australian mammal species that use tree hollows for homes. More than one hundred Australian birds nest and raise young in tree hollows. Both adults and children can learn from the range of wildlife, annotated with their common and scientific names, hiding in tree hollows at the end of the book.

Book Details
Author: Cate Storey
Age: 3+