A book of Farm Babies - By Sarah Prince

A book of Farm Babies, looks like a simple little book on the outside, but in fact contains many layers of learning on the inside!
Each page features:
- The name of the baby
- The sound they make
- Where they are on the farm (with a touch of alliteration!)
- Prepositions such as, in, under, over, through, etc. are also included.
In addition, the silhouettes tell their own little story, about a very greedy goat – as each animal comes into play, the goat eats another hay bale. This provides another opportunity for learning, where children can count up as the animals increase, and down as the hay bales decrease. The colour of the flowered letters on each page, is the code for the colouring-in page in the back, and there are some fun facts included as well.

Book Details
Age: 3+
Author: Sarah Price