A 123 of Baby Birds - By Sarah Prince


This little book is in the form of a rhyme which young children particularly love. For example: 9 noisy toucans with their great big beaks! 10 delightful ducklings with their little webbed feet!

There are fun facts in the back, and some rare and unusual words, to stimulate conversations and help build vocabulary. Silhouettes of little birds on a wire provide an additional element for children to count. Well known birds, such as chickens and ducklings are included, as well as other quirky and unusual birds from all over the world.

A 123 of Baby Birds is beautiful book to share with babies and young children. The colours are soft and muted, suitable for very young babies and also those with special needs, who often get overwhelmed with bright colours and cluttered pages.

Book Details
Age: 0+
Author: Sarah Price