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Explore the ocean with the Wild Republic Aquatic Nature Tube.

This tube comes with 18 lifelike figurines including 2 x Sea Turtles, 2 x Great White Sharks, 2 x Seals, 2 x Octopi, 2 x Orcas, 2 x Dolphins, 1 x Walrus, 1 x Swordfish, 1 x Sea Lion, 1 x Ray, 1 x Humpback Whale and 1 x Penguin. Perfect for imaginative play, school projects, dioramas, animal themed birthday party, cake decorations, and educational toys.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: Wild Republic
Dimensions: 5-8cm (figurines) / 35cm x 6.3cm x 3.8cm (tube)