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Help your little ones move through emotions and ground themselves with The Creative Sprout Mindful Yoga Cards.

This set of 24 cards will help your little one connect with their mind and body, a powerful tool that will help them as they grow.

Yoga and mindfulness improve both physical and mental health in children. By practising yoga and breathing techniques with your child, you enable them to focus on being in the moment and show them how to achieve a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. 

Yoga not only enables your child to help regulate their emotions, but it also allows them to connect with their physical side. Practising yoga can improve balance and flexibility, which are important cognitive skills for growing children. These movements show children what their bodies are capable of achieving and increase flexibility.

Our Mindful Yoga Practice Cards have been thoughtfully designed with imagery of flowers and plants to represent growth and grounding. A common theme within yoga is grounding. Grounding is connecting with the earth both physically and spiritually by bringing awareness into your body to banish feelings of stress and anxiety. We believe nurturing personal growth and strength from a young age is the root system for a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Each card has an ‘imagine’ section which encourages the use of imagination in your child’s yoga practice. Imagination is a powerful tool to calm a racing mind, harnessing this tool with children is beneficial to their mental wellbeing. Making yoga fun with creative stories helps your little one engage with each pose, focus on the task at hand and build discipline.

The great thing about practising yoga with your little one is that it can be done at your own pace and in line with your child’s age and skill level. These cards are designed to grow with your child and build a connection with their parent or caregiver. Mental wellbeing should be harnessed and encouraged, practising yoga and mindfulness is the first step towards that.

Product Details
Age: 3+
Brand: The Creative Sprout
Dimensions: A6 cards, 350gsm