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Sensory Sensations - Hourglass Liquid Timer with Dolphins


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Sensory Sensations – Hourglass Liquid Timer with Dolphins

The Hourglass Timer contains two dolphins, one at either end of the tubes. As the oil drips through, one dolphin rises and the other falls.

The Sensory Sensations Hourglass Timer is a calming and mesmerizing device suitable for all ages that also demonstrates some basic scientific principles. Each timer contains coloured fluids of different densities. To create the droplets, the liquids inside the timer must be mutually insoluble. This means that the coloured liquid wont mix with or dissolve into the other coloured liquid or the clear liquid. Because they don’t mix, we can observe gravity at work with the two heavier coloured liquids flowing to the bottom of the timer.

Liquid timers may also help with concentration – the visual stimulation of the predictable, rhythmic and flowing motion provides a subtle, engaging opportunity to refine visual tracking skills.

Entertaining toy for all ages, everyone will find themselves entranced in watching it. They are a great addition to every sensory box.

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