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Kinderfeets | Balance Bike - Bamboo


Patented, award winning balance bikes crafted from lacquered bamboo wood. Possibly the most beautiful balance bike you've ever seen. Ergonomically designed seat and handlebar position encourage good posture and maximise comfort. Washable cushion seat, adjustable seat height and EVA airless biodegradable tires. Foot pegs to help children position their feet properly for cruising and to prepare for pedals.

Care instructions: This is a wooden product protected by a lacquer veneer coating. Never store it in a location exposed to the elements or where condensation can build up overnight (such as a shed or balcony); or in a room with high humidity (such as a bathroom or laundry with a condensation dryer). Bolts may loosen from use. Be sure to check them before each ride. 

Product Details
Age: 2+
Brand: Kinderfeets
Dimensions: 50cm x 15.5cm x 33.5cm
Weight: 4.35kg