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My Week Planner is a great way to help your mini understand whats happening in their day to day life. If your mini is anything like mine, the questions about what we are doing and where we are going is constant! I wanted a way to help him have a better understanding of his schedule.

I recommend printing and laminating your planner if you can, that way you can reuse the same one each week! I have printed out photos of the people and places my he visits each week so he can easily understand at a glance where he is off to each day. This is great if your Mini is not at reading age.

But! If that's a little tricky for you, I have included a range of generic icons which can be used to represent different places your babe may go. I also recommend laminating these too and attaching to your planner with blue tac or Velcro dots for easy change over.

I would also encourage (if you have time between work, the washing, general parenting and trying to sleep LOL) to get your little munchkin to help you complete the planner at the start of each week, that way they start to feel a little more involved in their own schedule, which is grate for 3 years + as control starts to feel very important.

The other option is to simply write up the week! This is great if you have a school age babe and they are either able to do it themselves or read what you have written.

So print, enjoy, and get organised Mumma!