The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade - By Davina Bell
Beginnings and Endings and Lifetimes in Between - By Bryan Mellonie


This book is so much more than just any old ABC or series of colouring in pictures.
WELLPHABET is a fun and creative colouring in book which combines thoughtful wellbeing themes with the Alphabet.

Inside this book you will find that each letter of the Alphabet is matched to a specific wellbeing topic, allowing kids to be introduced to a great number of important topics regarding both their physical, mental and emotional health, all while they enjoy doing what they love and getting creative.

Each page of this book has been carefully created by an experienced Child and Youth Worker with years of Student Counselling experience.

Topics covered include: emotional awareness, mindfulness, physical health, values and setting boudaries, self confidence, building a growth mindset, gratitude, plus many more.

Whether they want to learn about health and wellbeing or simply love to colour in, WELLPHABET provides an opportunity for your kids, that sparks their creativity and allows a space for them to transition from curiosity and imagination, into self exploration and expression!