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Create Your Inner Space Activity Book - By Inner Assembly


This activity book is so much more than mindfulness and feelings. CREATE YOUR INNER SPACE combines fun activities with important wellbeing topics, allowing kids to explore their own personal mental health and wellbeing all whilst they have fun colouring in!

Inside this book you will find 32 creative and thoughtful activities which help kids to learn about and develop emotional awareness, build self-understanding, grow self-confidence and improve their overall wellbeing. Each page has been carefully created by an experienced Child and Youth Worker with years of student Counselling experience.

Topics covered include:
- Understanding and managing emotions
- Mindfulness
- Knowing your values
- Setting boundaries
- Self care
- Goal setting
- Building a growth mindset

Activities include: Crossword, maze, word find, picture match, spot the difference, chatterbox, code cracker and many more!

Whether they want to learn more about their own wellbeing, or simply take 15 minutes time out for quiet colouring in, this book gives your kids the opportunity to create their inner space

Book Details
Format: Activity Book
Author: Inner Assembly
Age: 7+